Replacement of BGA graphics

There are four types of graphics cards.

The first one is an integrated layout on the north bridge. This is a BGA chip installed directly on the motherboard and acts as a controller between the memory, the processor and the south bridge. The damage to the north bridge directly affects the display of the correct content on the matrix as well as the external screen. The repair makes sense only when a damaged north bridge is replaced with a new one.

The second group is dedicated graphic cards. It is also a BGA chip mounted directly on the motherboard responsible for the correct display of content. This configuration has more computing power which, in turn, translates into better display graphics performance. The damaged GPU chipset should be replaced with a new one.

The next group is the dedicated graphics chipset mounted on the graphics card using the MXM (Mobile PCI Express Module) connector. These are separate graphics card modules on which the BGA graphics chip is mounted together with the VRAM memory. This solution is used for the most demanding users, because of the very efficient graphics and large amount of VRAM memory.

The last group is currently most commonly used in the so-called Hogel Processing Unit (HPU) and the APU (Accelerated Processing Unit), the so-called hybrids. There are several integrated circuits in one chip: the north bridge, the south bridge, and the graphics processor itself.

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