Our Offer

Laptop repair

We offer diagnostics and comprehensive repair of laptops. In addition to failures such as “liquid spills” and restoring power supply to motherboards, we also replace BGA mounted chips. Today’s graphics cards, processors, RAM, hard drives, and controllers are installed using a ball grid array (BGA method).

All In One computers servicing

The All –  In – One (AIO) PCs are  increasingly popular on our market. Therefore, the demand for  professional servicing of these devices  has also increased. Our company performs diagnostics and overall repairs of AIO computers such as: Apple, Dell, HP, Sony, MSI, Asus, Toshiba, Acer, Samsung, Lenovo.

Tablets repairs

Tablets have become an integral part of our lives. Today, these devices are used very often by not only by the youngest users. This is why we get tablets with damaged matrices, cracked displays or damaged power socket. Another common flaw in tablets is damaged software (so called firmware).

Motherboards repairs

Frequent malfunctioning on the motherboard is caused by SMD wear or hardware failure. Thanks to our knowledge and professional service, we perform the most complicated motherboard repairs.

General Diagnostics

If your equipment does not work as it should, does not turn on every time, slows down or just needs a comprehensive check, we invite you to take advantage of our services. Notemaster has service facilities and the ability to effectively use the knowledge gained over the years.

Replacing the laptop housings

We can fix and replace damaged any laptop or computer housing (casing) . We can order original parts as well as spare ones. We have a lot of used spare parts that we can use during repairs.

CPU replacement

The processor is the heart of every computing hardware. Any hardware problem (slow down, random restart, or software installation problem) can be a symptom of a damaged processor.

LED Matrix replacement

Notemaster replace internal flat panel displays whether LCD or LED types in laptops and other devices. The screens are matt or glossy and must be fully operational. In our service we replace dies in notebooks, tablets and in “all in one” equipment.

Replacement of BGA graphics

What happens when there is a damaged graphics? There is no image, stripes (artefacts) are displayed, and a driver installation problem may occur.