Motherboards repairs

We are a service specializing in the most difficult motherboard repairs.

We can classify such damages as follows:

We face this fault practically every day. Flood damage to motherboards is never the same, therefore the diagnostic is far more difficult than other faults due to the lack of “typical” solutions. Unfortunately, most laptop users are unaware of the fact that time, in case of flooding, plays a very important role. After a long period of time, corrosion and damage to the SMD, IC or BGA elements occurs. The repairs of such equipment begin with several stages of cleaning. Once the technician dries it up, starts the initial inspection and measurement. Often it turns out that, as a result of flooding, we are faced with etched laminate. This repair is time-consuming because it requires reconstruction of damaged connections with repair of damaged signal lines but also very rewarding when the equipment is brought to its original state.

Is another difficult problem with motherboards. It occurs as a result of exceeding nominal work values of individual components, also due to improper use of the notebook, such as reverse polarity of power supply, mechanical damage to the components of the motherboard as a result of dropping down the device. These are some of the most difficult faults, especially when we do not have the board view diagrams. This is a very time-consuming process, due to the voluminous measurement and comparison of the individual signal lines, and the components of the motherboard.

It occurs when the signal lines, the main power lines, or the individual lines on the board are damaged. In most cases, this cause malfunction of the disc or lack of response to the power button. Such complicated faults require a great deal of time due to large numbers of measurements such as voltage drops or incorrect resistances.

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