How we work

Service support is provided by our original “Reverse” system, which is supported by the browser.

To register, you need to contact us by e-mail: or by phone: +48 536 281 931

The only cost you incur when passing the equipment to our service is the shipping cost.

How does our “Reverse” system works?

First of all, you can track your order status. Once the equipment is available for service, it is taken for diagnosis by our technician. This step will take up to 2 working days.

After free quotation, you will receive the following information:

  • what is damaged
  • what will be the cost of the repair
  • what is cover in our services’s warranty 
  • how long will the service take
  • the name of the technician dealing with your order.

After consulting a technician, you make a decision regarding the repair of your equipment.


  1. In the event of repair, the service will be provided in accordance with the conditions set out in the diagnosis. After repair, the equipment will be tested and delivered back to you at our cost. If we have the spare parts needed for repairs, our service usually takes about 2 working days (repair time plus one day for testing). However, if the parts have to be purchased or the fault is more complex then the technician, after contacting the parts supplier, determines the extended repair time.                                                                                                                                      
  2. If you cancel your repair, the equipment will be reassembled by our technician and returned to you at no additional cost.


For all repairs we provide a guarantee, which conditions are specified by the system “Rewers”, and its duration is 1-24 months.