CPU replacement

No hardware is able to work without a good processor. The amount of calculations that this component performs on our computer, can make you dizzy. During operation, the processor generates a very large amount of heat, which is let out through the radiator called the heat pipe. Unfortunately, users forget to regularly clean the radiator or replace the thermally conductive paste, and the thermopads, which can lead to overheating of CPUs components. The initial symptom may be reduced notebook performance. Over the time, you may see blue screens or experience spontaneous restarts. A faulty processor may crash your computer or prevent the installation of drivers.

Nowadays, HPU (Hogel Processing Unit) and APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) so-called hybrids are increasingly being used. This is a few components integrated into one chip so when it gets damaged, the hardware stops displaying content on the screen. Depending on the type of hardware, the processors are mounted using a CPU socket, or a BGA technology. It is important to realize that improperly used processor will become damaged. To use your hardware again, replace the faulty processor with a new one.

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