All In One computers servicing

We should always remember that every computer, both desktops and portables, should be maintained in the right way.  Anyone can minimize the risk of major failures or damages by ordering a regular inspection by a professional, cleaning and maintenance of the cooling system.

All in one computers (AIO PCs) – where all the components are placed in one enclosure are increasingly popular  in Poland. The interest in this type of equipment is growing year by year, and most computer hardware manufacturers already have such computers in their offer. As with PCs, hardware modification is possible, but much more complex. In our service we deal with such repairs and modifications. In addition to repairing motherboards, replacing damaged graphics cards, we also change the processor, graphics card, RAM, or hard drive. One thing that these devices differ from a PC is the fact that replacement of components is not possible at home. It requires knowledge of the construction of this type of equipment and tools to ensure safe access to the replaced components and their correct assembly.

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