Outsourcing Laptop Repair

We are an established IT company, which provides outsourcing services of repairing laptops and tablets. We perform diagnostics and repairs quickly and effectively – mainly for other repair centers and PC/Laptop hardware shops. However we are happy to provide repairing services for individual clients.

Laptop BGA chipset replacements | Motherboards failures | Damages in Power Circuits

Our technicians are highly qualified specialists working equipped with top shelf tools. We do complicated repairs like removing faults and failures within motherboards, we can eliminate damages to power lines and signal lines, replacements of BGA chipsets have no secrets for us.  We give a new life to the plate, which are flooded or have a short circuit. By hiring a team of highly qualified proffesional technicians, we provide laptop repair services at the highest level.


Not Book Master provids help and support to your post-warranty customer care – the buyer and users of a laptop or tablet. Laptop service centres and computer shops, which rely on our expertise and on our knowledge, increase both their competitiveness and customers’ satisfaction and as a result allow the continuous development of their business.